DuckDuckGo for macOS is now in Public Beta Testing

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Users concerned with maintaining online privacy are often disappointed with the tracking practices of popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge. The amount of information gathered by these browsers and how that data is used can become very annoying even when using the limited privacy controls the tools provide.

For example, anyone using Google Chrome can expect to be bombarded with advertisements based on their previous browsing history. You can continue to receive unsolicited ads for weeks about products that you only briefly looked at online.

Many users dislike this invasion of their privacy and would prefer a more private web browsing experience. Companies behind the browsers may be auctioning your personal data to the highest bidder. The information gathered by these web browsers can also affect the content you see online.

DuckDuckGo is an alternative web browser that advertises that it does not track your online activity. The software does not store any information regarding your previous sessions, making each time you go online seem like your first. Without storing the details of your browsing sessions, there’s nothing for advertisers to use for constructing a profile.


In addition to not tracking your browsing sessions, DuckDuckGo offers a wide variety of features that address multiple aspects of your online privacy and security. The software blocks third-party trackers before they can load, speeding up your browsing experience.

DuckDuckGo also provides email protection that can intercept and remove trackers embedded in emails. Unique features like the Fire Button let you clear all tabs and browsing data with a single click. DuckDuckGo uses less memory than Chrome, conserving your system resources for more important activities.

Until now, DuckDuckGo has not been available for the macOS platform, but that situation appears to be changing. DuckDuckGo for macOS in now in public beta testing and can be tried by anyone with a Mac or MacBook. You can download the software here.

DuckDuckGo is not without its problems and seems to have enabled some Microsoft trackers to continue to operate with the browser. These issues may be replicated in the macOS version of the tool, so users should still be wary of claims of 100% secure web browsing. Despite its flaws, DuckDuckGo gives users the ability to browse the web with enhanced privacy.

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