DISH Anywhere On Apple TV: Your TV Connectivity Options

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DISH Anywhere On Apple TV

Recently, streaming has taken over everything to do with entertainment, and you can stream virtually anything.

You need a reliable streaming service, and one of the most reliable ones is Apple TV for those with macOS and iOS devices.

DISH Anywhere is another app that you can use to stream content from DISH onto a computer or mobile device.

With these two big shots, it makes sense that you could want to use DISH anywhere on Apple TV but can you? Let’s get into it and figure this out.

DISH Anywhere On Apple TV

Many users are interested in connecting the features offered by DISH with those provided by Apple TV.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this, at least natively; DISH anywhere and Apple TV are not in any way designed to work together.

There is no DISH Anywhere app for Apple TV currently, but you can still watch DISH content on your Apple TV. There are two common ways to do this, using Airplay and using the channel’s app.

You can use Airplay if you have an iPhone or any other iOS device

Airplay is a feature that enables iOS users to stream images, videos, and any other form of media from an Apple device to a compatible Apple receiver.

There is a DISH Anywhere app for iOS devices; you can access the DISH content on the device and mirror it onto your Apple TV for viewing. Download the app for iOS and launch it on your phone after linking the phone to your Apple TV.

Using Airplay comes with an added advantage since you will be able to use any other compatible TV since it’s not limited to Apple TV. The setback is that it will simply mirror your device to the TV, so you won’t be able to use the device for anything else at the time.

You can use the app for whatever channel you want to watch

Most channels have apps for their viewers; you could download these apps and use them for your Apple TV. It would be best if you had your DISH credentials to authenticate the app, then you will be set.

This is not exactly a good setup since you would have to download and verify several apps, but it works reasonably well. Another problem is that some channels might not have an app for you to download, limiting your viewing options.

What Is Dish Anywhere

DISH is one of the most popular viewing networks in the United States, and this status got only better with the introduction of DISH anywhere. This is an app that connects to your account and gives you mobile viewing for all your channels.

Through DISH anywhere, users can access all the live and subscribed channels anywhere they are on an extensive number of mobile devices. The hopper will transform your computer, mobile phone, or tablet into a TV.

You will be able to enjoy all your live channels and everything you recorded on your DVR. In addition to all these, you get thousands of on-demand media to keep you entertained at all times.

This is better than direct TV, which is limited to recorded shows only, and they have select channels for viewing outside your home.

DISH anywhere also has a fantastic program guide to help you get the channels you are looking for.  You can also manage your DVR recordings through the app; you can delay viewed programs and set DVR timers.

DISH anywhere kids is another feature that will come in handy, especially when you are on the road with your kids. You will be able to program content suitable for the whole family to protect your kids from irrelevant content.

To access the DISH anywhere app, you must have an online Dish account to connect to the app. You also need to have one of the select receiver models or an adapter.

The adapter is available for purchase, and you will be able to enjoy Dish Anywhere.

What You Will Love About Apple TV

The latest generation of Apple TV has come with a lot of goodies for its users. As you use the product, you will see more differences and discover some features that will blow your mind. Here are some of the most significant changes;

  • It has a significantly higher processing power than most of the competition. At the bottom of the box, you will notice some venting installed to improve the processor’s cooling.
    This addition is necessary to cool the 4K TV that works harder than the period Apple TVs. In addition to this, you have a network cable and an HDMI cable at the back of your Apple TV for input.
  • The Apple TV can control your TV. By default, once your Apple TV is connected to your TV, it will control the TV. For instance, when you turn on the Apple TV, it will power up your TV, provided it is connected to a power source.
    This feature is incredible, and it will save you a lot of time and stress. Rather than having a remote for the TV and another for the Apple TV, you will have only one remote that does everything for you.
  • The remote itself is easy to use. It has a small number of buttons with a trackpad. The trackpad can be adjusted between high, medium, and low sensitivity, depending on preferences. The trackpad takes a little getting used to, but it will be amazing once you get used to it.
    The buttons are designed to help you operate the TV without having to look down. For instance, the menu button is raised higher than the rest, and it has a white circle around it, so you differentiate it from the TV button without looking.
    In addition to this, the remote is rechargeable. This saves you the trouble of looking for the small watch batteries used in the previous remotes. You can see the amount of power left in the remote under settings.
  • The App Store. The latest version of Apple TV has an App Store which is very important. You couldn’t get this feature in the old Apple TVs, and you couldn’t even sideload things.
    Some apps like YouTube come by default on Apple TV, but some have to be added manually. These apps will allow you to view more media and access channels from other Networks such as DISH that Apple TV doesn’t offer.

How To Subscribe To Apple TV Channels

Apple TV offers you a lot of additional features, but in the end, it is meant for viewing media; thus, the subscription is an important part. Most people want to link DISH anywhere with their Apple TVs since they feel DISH has more content.

You can expand your media library by subscribing to more channels on Apple TV. Here is a simple guide on how to subscribe to Apple TV channels;

  1. Go to the App Store and download the Apple TV app if it is not already on your device. For users with an updated device to iOS 13, you should already have the Apple TV pre-installed.
  2. The most common channel is the Apple TV Plus, and most people use it and forget about the others. You can subscribe to more channels to expand your viewing options since Apple TV plus does not offer so much.
  3. Click on the channel you want; some are for music, other series, and others have movies and other TV shows. You can tell what kind of content is in each channel at first glance.
  4. On the top right corner of the screen, you will see a free trial and subscription button. It is a good idea to try out the site to see if it satisfies your needs before paying for a subscription.

Each channel has different kinds of media, and you have to subscribe to each independently. Sticking to Apple plus might make you feel like Apple TV was not worth your money, so browse the other channels to get the best experience.


There is no direct way to connect DISH anywhere to your Apple TV, but you can go around this obstacle.

You could either use Airplay to mirror your mobile device onto your Apple TV or download the app for whichever station you want to view.

DISH Anywhere is an amazing app that can work with many other platforms like Amazon Firestick, Roku, etc. You will be able to access all the functionalities of a TV and more through your DISH app.

Apple TV has come out with a lot of impressive features that you might enjoy. The remote and control it offers over the TV will save you time and streamline your experience.

To enjoy Apple TV, make sure you go through the channels it offers and subscribe to those you like. These channels will provide you with content that you won’t find in Apple Plus.

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